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About This site

Vault Hunter Hub was created from the idea to gather all community-created resources in one place. We couldn’t have created it if not for all the wonderful contributors who created resources:



Visual Assets / Resources Management



Borderlands toolbox – gear database, skill planner, and more!


All up-to-date news, guides, and resources!

Build docs team

  • LazyData
  • Plenipotence
  • CZ47
  • Quag
  • Ancient Rune
  • JoeforLong
  • Ramen
  • MadGlenny
  • Ratore
  • and all contributors to this project

People behind large community projects

  • Braques (initial VaultHunterHub web developer)
  • FromDarkHell (Saveeditor)
  • Orcicorn (ShiftCodes)
  • Ceiphr (Maurice page)

And every Vault Hunter who created something for the community

  • Tonydml
  • Kylar
  • Apocalyptech
  • SomeOldGuyinHawaii
  • Aaron0000
  • Riznak2000
  • Domin8
  • Sspyr
  • Prismatic
  • twoPIZZA
  • DetectivePieholes
  • Kartathan
  • Stubeezy
  • Leb_ben
  • Anon X
  • FireAnon
  • Pugly
  • and many more!

Side artworks courtesy of

We are not affiliated with Gearbox or 2K.

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