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Timothy – Damage formula

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I’ll start with what skills are what

The following skills are Gun Damage under the Normal Damage section

Money is Power
Jakobs Sponsored by…

The following skills are TypeA under the CriticalHit section

Company Man

The following skill is a Special Multiplier under the SpecMult section

Integrity * needs further testing for pre/post splash and the 4 multiplier.

The following skills are SplashAmount under the SplashDamage section and they do NOT receive grenade bonuses

Compound Interest
Maliwan Sponsored by…
Torgue Sponsored by…

The following skill is a Grenade Damage under the SplashDamage section

Just Compensation

When you put them all into the formula they look like this

Output = (NormalHit * SpecMult * CriticalHit + SplashDamage) * ElemBonus * TypeMod

NormalHit = (BaseDamage * (1 + Resolute + Collaborate + Synergy + Believe + Money is Power + Jakobs Sponsored by… ) + AmpDamage )

SpecMult1 = (1 + Integrity)

CriticalHit = 2 * (1 + Synergy + Company Man) * (1 + TypeB) / (1 + TypeC)

SplashDamage = NormalHit * Compound Interest, or Maliwan/Torgue Sponsored by… * (1 + Just Compensation)? * SpecMult?

The reason Compound Interest and the Sponsored by bonuses are not added together is because they would each be in a separate splash formula. So if you had both Compound and a Sponsored by… then you would do the splash formula twice for each of those and a third time if you your gun had splash damage.

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