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Aurelia – Long range killer

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I’ve posted this in my Winter is Coming guide already but I think not everyone is reading the posts in there. That’s why I decided to post it again in a separate thread.

Since I argued the last days that LRK doesn’t work resp. works very situational I wanted to substantiate my allegation with further testings. I don’t know whether they fixed it recently or I was blind when doing the first tests. It does work as intended. Always. I found some pretty interesting things.

The damage is based on the range – which should be obvious – and your gun’s damage.
It is affected by gun damage bonuses.
In close range (melee range) the additional damage is about 1% of your gun damage.
If you’re about 20 meters (estimation) away from your target the damage will be ~20% of your gun’s damage.
The additional damage behaves like a separate projectile from your gun.
It applies the element of your gun.
It can crit and is affected by crit damage bonuses.
Multiple projectiles per shot don’t affect the damage output. Just one projectile has to hit in order to apply the damage bonus from LRK.

Here’s an example of how powerful it can be, me sniping a Dahl Soldier in the Holodome with a Fremington’s Edge and no skill points invested except for LRK:

And here’s the reason why you don’t see additional numbers sometimes:


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