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Mayhem Modifier Guide

Table of Contents

Mayhem 2.0 Introduced a variety of modifiers that affect your gameplay making it harder. The table below shows which difficulty will be encountered on certain levels.

Easy Modifiers

  • Speed Demon – After killing an enemy movement speed is increased by 50% for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Lootsplosion – Kills give a 10% chance of a Lootsplosion, critical skills give a 100% chance.
  • Big Kick Energy – Gun damage +25%, recoil and weapon spread +100%
  • More Than Okay Boomer – Grenade damage +25%, enemies drop grenades on death
  • Slayer – Non-boss enemies below 15% total armor, shield and health glow blue and will explode into shield and health boosters if damaged by melee
  • Galaxy Brain – Head sizes increased by 100%

Medium Modifiers

  • Floor is Lava – In combat standing still will cause incendiary pools to spawn underneath you.
  • Mob Mentality – Enemy damage and fire rate increased by 30% when near other enemies.
  • Freeze Tag – Enemies my leave a Cryo orb on death which constantly release Cryo Novas. This is slowed by damage.
  • Chilling Them Softly / High Voltage / Acid Reign / Charred Mode / Totally Radical – Enemies may be Cryo / Shock / Corrosion / Incendiary / Radiation infused. These enemies are immune to Cryo / Shock / Corrosion / Incendiary / Radiation damage and release a Cryo / Shock / Corrosion / Incendiary / Radiation Nova when killed.
  • Pain Tolerance – When damaged, enemies gain 3% damage reduction against the received damage type for 3 seconds. Stacks up to 20 times.
  • Healy Avenger – On death enemies have a chance to release a power-up healing the first enemy it touches. If destroyed it drops health and shield boosters.

Hard Modifiers

  • Laser Fare – Enemies have a small chance to drop a Spinner trap when damaged. Spinners project a rotating elemental laser beam.
  • Ticked Off – Status Effect Damage against enemies reduced by 90%.
  • Chain Gang – Nearby enemies are attached by a damaging elemental beam.
  • Pool Parties – Enemies drop Corrosive, Shock or Incendiary pools when armor, shields or health are depleted.
  • Boundary Issues – At close range enemies will attach a damaging elemental beam to you.
  • Drone Ranger – Enemies have a chance to spawn a healing drone for support, if killed the drone will support a new target.
  • Post Mortem – Killing an enemy has a chance to release DEATH to follow you. Being touched by DEATH puts you straight into FFYL.
  • Rogue Lite – No FFYL before death. All enemies drop health when killed.
  • Holy Crit – Critical hit damage +25%, Non-Critical hit damage -50%
  • Not The Face – Critical hit damage -75%
  • Buddy System – Enemies have a chance to spawn an invulnerability drone for support, immunity is granted until the drone is destroyed.
  • Dazed And Infused – Enemies may be infused with a random element. Infused enemies are immune to that element and release elemental Novas when killed

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