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Crew Challenges

Table of Contents

Base Game Rewards

  • Zer0’s Targets of Opportunity
    • LyudaA legendary sniper rifle. It can come in Cyro, Fire, or Non-elemental, has a fast fire rate, and shoots in a V-shaped pattern.
  • Hammerlock’s Hunt:
    • Deadeye Bekah – a legendary rifle that comes in non-elemental, low fire rate puts out a lot of damage, and has a silencer.
  • Claptrap Parts:
    • Baby Maker ++a legendary pistol that comes in Cyro, when you throw the clip it turns into 4 Mirv grenades.
  • Crimson Radio:
    • Player skin called The Art of Stealth, a Brown/Zebra/Gold pattern.
  • Hijack Targets, Eridian Writings, Typhon Logs:
    • Those 3 challenges reward you as you go, without any final special reward.

DLC1 Crew Challenge rewards

  • Ember’s Crew Challenge:
    • Ember’s Purge – a Maliwan SMG that creates an elemental puddle around enemies.
  • Torgue’s Crew Challenge:
    • Scoville – bullets are hot sauce bottles, they drop down creating splash damage.
  • Mayor’s Crew Challenge:
    • Each target gives you ‘Million Bucks’ skin for the characters, after killing them all you get the Weapons Haute head.

DLC2 Crew Challenge rewards

  • Hammerlock’s Crew Challenge:
    • Each hunt has a chance to drop a piece of legendary gear, after hunting them all down you will be mailed the Eyeballs ECHO Theme.
  • Gaige’s Crew Challenge:
    • After collecting all of the gifts you will be mailed the Just Married room decoration.
  • Mancubus’ Crew Challenge:
    • Once you destroy all of the statues hidden around the DLC you will be mailed The Lodge Poster room decoration.

DLC3 Crew Challenges

  • Creature Feature Film Reel:
    • Old Guitar Room decoration.
  • Sato Saga:
    • Ruiner Tapestry room decoration.
  • Good Prospects:
    • Crossed Arms emote.
  • Gehanna’s Most Wanted:
    • The Worm emote.
  • Skin to Win:
    • Devil Tooth trinket

DLC4 Crew Challenge rewards

  • Signal to Noise:
    • Hotwire Handheld Echo Theme

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