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###### Note: Many examples in this guide still refer to level 57 gear, currently this changes nothing when comparing different gear and the principles/formulas all still hold true.
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### **This Guide will cover Calculating and Efficiently Reducing the Cooldown Time of Moze’s Action Skill: Iron Bear**
* [color=mediumaquamarine]CDR – Cooldown Rate[/color]

## [color=gold]TLDR Guide?[/color]
* A single point in Grizzled is a **bad** investment. Contrary to the popular rumour, it diminishes beyond 1 second. You should always take 3+ points, and 5 points will make a pretty significant difference.
* Explosive Punctuation, even after the update to 8% per point, is not a wise spec. You have much better options to spend points for how high it is in the tree. Proccing it is not always consistent. Lastly, for 5 points it does not have a huge effect on Cooldown Time in conjunction with Topped Off because of hugely diminishing returns. Take gear bonuses for CDR increases before choosing Explosive Punctuation.
* Grizzled does not suffer nearly as much as other CDR Increases when combined with Topped Off, read the guide for more information. The Cooldown Time decrease from 120 seconds to 100 seconds made Grizzled even more valuable than it already was.
* The **Generic** cooldown anointment on shields is nearly useless for Moze. The **Gunner** specific (30% on kill) anointment is fantastic. See below for more information.

##### [color=peachpuff]Upcoming planned updates[/color]
* ###### Tier list rework [color=yellowgreen]completed[/color]
* ###### Explosive Punctuation buff [color=yellowgreen]completed[/color]
* ###### Update for recent Moze Cooldown Time buff [color=yellowgreen]completed[/color]
* ###### Stainless Steel Bear cooldown bug fixed (Confirmed as of DLC2 release) [color=yellowgreen]completed[/color]
* ###### [color=goldenrod]Feel free to request information in the comments[/color]

## Table of Contents

### Basics
* [Available CDR Increases for Moze](https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/guide-efficiently-increasing-mozes-cooldown-rate/4375059#heading–AvailableCDR)
* [Grizzled](https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/guide-efficiently-increasing-mozes-cooldown-rate/4375059#heading–Grizzled)
* [Topped Off](https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/guide-efficiently-increasing-mozes-cooldown-rate/4375059#heading–ToppedOff)

### In Depth
* [Formula for Calculating Cooldown Time and Grizzled](https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/guide-efficiently-increasing-mozes-cooldown-rate/4375059#heading–Formula)
* [Effectively Increasing CDR](https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/guide-efficiently-increasing-mozes-cooldown-rate/4375059#heading–Effective)
* [What to Avoid](https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/guide-efficiently-increasing-mozes-cooldown-rate/4375059#heading–Avoid)
* [Efficient Way to Stack CDR Increases – Skill and Gear Tier List](https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/guide-efficiently-increasing-mozes-cooldown-rate/4375059#heading–TierList)
* [Cooldown Time Reduction Examples and How Stacking Diminishes Increased Cooldown Rate Efficiency](https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/guide-efficiently-increasing-mozes-cooldown-rate/4375059#heading–Stacking)
* [Instant Exit Build CDR](https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/guide-efficiently-increasing-mozes-cooldown-rate/4375059#heading–InstantExit)
* [How Testing Was Done and How You Can Do It Yourself](https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/guide-efficiently-increasing-mozes-cooldown-rate/4375059#heading–Testing)

Moze has the longest Cooldown Time of the 4 Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3. Of course stacking every possible reduction will yield the shortest Cooldown Time, but how do we reduce it in the most efficient way?

## [color=paleturquoise]How Increased Cooldown Rate Differs From Cooldown Time Reduction[/color]
### **The Basics**

The first thing to note and get any confusing out of the way off the bat, stacking multiple pieces of gear with Increased CDR does not mean you reduce your Cooldown Time by the total percent listed on the Gear or Skills. For instance, 35% CDR Increase on a Class Mod combined with 25% CDR Increase on an Artifact does not mean you reduce your Cooldown Time by 60%!

Moze’s Base Cooldown Time is 100 seconds. Her base CDR is 1 tick per second until it reaches 100. Therefore it takes 100 seconds for her Action Skill to be available from last use. If we increase her Gaurdian Rank Cooldown Stat from 1.00% to 10.00%, her new Cooldown Time is 90.91s. Each percent we increase it by = 0.01 ticks per second. Remember, we Increase CDR (CDR) not Decrease Cooldown Time (Cooldown Time).

### What we are calculating

>[color=lime]Increase CDR 10% = [100 / 1.1][/color]

### Common mistake when calculating CDR

>[color=brick]Decrease Cooldown Time 10% = [100 – (100 x 0.1)][/color]

## <h1 id=”heading–AvailableCDR”>[color=paleturquoise]Available CDR Increases for Moze[/color]</h1>

The Following Rate Increases are Available to Moze through Gear and Skills (Assume level 57 Gear):

* 0-15% – Guardian Rank (examples throughout Guide will use 10%)

* 35% – Class Mod

* 25% – Artifact

* 30% – Moze Specific Shield Anointment (On Kill)

* 30% – Moze Specific Weapon Anointment (On Kill)

* 20% – Generic Shield Anointment (For a Short Time roughly 8s)

* 40% – Explosive Punctuation 5/5

* 50% – Loop of 4N631 (must be fully depleted to proc)

* 50% – All-in Shield (must pick up boosters)

## <h1 id=”heading–Grizzled”>[color=paleturquoise]What About Grizzled?[/color]</h1>

Grizzled is a little bit different than the rest of the CDR Increases available to Moze. Each kill produces a set amount of time off of your Cooldown Time, however the way it is worded is different than the way it actually works. Grizzled is still a CDR Increasing skill and is diminished by other CDR Increasing skills and gear. The unique part about Grizzled is its place in the formula, it suffers less diminishing returns when combined with other CDR Increases. Topped Off does not diminish Grizzled as much as other CDR Increases either. Grizzled 5/5 will outperform CDR Increasing skills and gear including Explosive Punctuation and Artifacts with only 3 to 5 kills depending on current Gaurdian Rank.

Grizzled works nicely if you plan to go for a Kill Skill approach to Cooldown Time Reduction if you combine it with Moze’s Shield and Weapon Anointment. However it should still be carefully considered if you need the skill because Dead Lines is also Tier 1 and a fantastic skill. It’s hard to justify only putting 2 points in Grizzled to get to Tier 2, you will want to invest at least 4 points in Grizzled to get meaningful returns from it. Dead Lines may be a better choice if you want to stay in Iron Bear longer, or if you want to fire more shots off in Iron Bear and maintain a shorter Cooldown Time if you hop out early.

## <h1 id=”heading–ToppedOff”>[color=paleturquoise]Topped Off Guardian Perk[/color]</h1>

Topped Off is by far the most powerful CDR Increase at a whopping 200% while shields are full. While all CDR Increases begin to diminish the more you stack them, Topped Off will diminish your returns from other CDR Increases much more noticeably.


# <h1 id=”heading–Formula”>[color=paleturquoise]**The Formula – By @Prismatic**[/color]</h1>

Hello all, this is **Prismatic** here to briefly discuss what Grizzled is doing.

A few notes before we get started though:

– When testing HurdyGurdy attempted to be as accurate as possible in timing. in spite of all best efforts there is still a margin of error. The math we’re going to discuss is accurate to within half a second of the timed results. **However this does not mean I am certain the numbers are exact, they are however good enough for all practical purposes.**
– As is standard with Borderlands math, express all percentages in their decimal form – Eg 35% = 0.35.

So onto the the actual cooldown equation:

> Cooldown = ( [color=chocolate]Base[/color] – [color=deepskyblue]Grizzled[/color] ) / ( 1 + [color=wheat]Cooldown Rate Boosts[/color] )

* [color=wheat]Cooldown Rate Boosts[/color] are all our standard options for reducing cooldown, they’re all added together:
> [color=wheat]Cooldown Rate Boosts[/color] = Guardian Rank + Class Mod + Artifact + Anointment + Explosive Punctuation + Other + Topped Off

* [color=chocolate]Base[/color] is the length of Iron Bears cooldown in seconds without boosts. So a full duration Iron Bear will exit with a [color=chocolate]Base[/color] of 100. Alternatively if you jump out immediately after getting into Iron Bear then [color=chocolate]Base[/color] is approximately 35 seconds. If you spend time in Iron Bear before exiting early then your base will be somewhere between 35 and 100.

* [color=deepskyblue]Grizzled[/color] you’ll replace with a number that depends on how many kills you get and how heavily you’ve invested in the skill. I will describe how you can calculate [color=deepskyblue]Grizzled[/color] yourself, however as I know it is tedious I’ve drawn up a table where I’ve already calculated the values of [color=deepskyblue]Grizzled[/color] for upto 15 kills.


You now have all the required components to calculate your cooldown time.

[details=”Grizzled maths for DIY people”]

The first thing to note is that in all my testing I got more consistent results when I scaled [color=deepskyblue]Grizzled[/color] off a base time of 0.97 of a second. This time can then be multiplied by however many points you have in [color=deepskyblue]Grizzled[/color] to get the time refunded on the first kill.

So 5 points in [color=deepskyblue]Grizzled[/color] will refund 4.85 seconds for the first kill. All subsequent kills will refund 90% of what the previous kill refunded.

So if you want to know how much time the N*th* kill will refund you can use:

> N*th* Kill = (Points in [color=deepskyblue]Grizzled[/color] x 0.97) x 0.9^(N-1)

To calculate the value of [color=deepskyblue]Grizzled[/color] that you sub into the formula, you would add the time refunded for all kills upto and including the N*th* kill.


## <h1 id=”heading–Effective”>[color=paleturquoise]How Do You Most Effectively Increase CDR?[/color]</h1>

You can **stack as much CDR Increases** as you’d like, but since they **diminish** so much, this section will talk about the best ways to **maximize CDR while not sacrificing too much.**

First and foremost, because Topped Off is by far the best way to reduce your time between Action Skill, I suggest making that your priority here. There are several ways to do this:

**Prioritize Shield Recharge Rate, Capacity, and then Delay.** The Shield Reboot Guardian Perk allows you to bypass your shield’s Recharge Delay if you kill an enemy. However, in general most shields with a Lower Capacity and Quicker Rate tend to have a Short Delay as well.

The Band of Sitorak has a very high Recharge Rate, Low Capacity, and Short Delay making it the easiest to keep Topped Off proccing. Unfortunately that comes with the expense of survivability. You can effectively boost the Shield Capacity (and to a small degree Rate and Delay) in the Shield of Retribution tree and it is still very effective.

Booster shields can work well too, especially the Big Boom Blaster because a single Booster can refill most of your shield. With proper attention, this can be one of the best ways to consistently proc Topped Off.

The next most important factor is **Iron Bear Fuel Drain and Armor.** If you don’t plan on firing Iron Bear’s weapons at all, you can skip over this part.

The more you fire Iron Bear’s guns, the more Fuel you Drain. The more Fuel you drain, the longer your Cooldown will be. *Think of Iron Bear’s Fuel meter as a Cooldown meter.* The less there is, the longer you wait until getting your Action Skill again. A lot of people prefer to jump out before Fuel is half drained. This is effective in reducing Cooldown, but not ideal for a build focused around Iron Bear.

Armor is also very important. If Iron Bear is destroyed while you’re controlling the mech, you will receive the severe Cooldown Penalty giving you a Full Cooldown Duration.

To avoid this, buff Iron Bear’s Armor by buffing Moze’s health. Shields like Mendel’s Multivitamin, Band of Sitorak, and THICC shields all come in a +50% Health. The Sitorak also comes in +25% and +35%, +50% is very uncommon. Mendel’s Multivitamin is the easiest to obtain reliably. Stainless Steel Bear will also buff Iron Bear’s Armor. Class Mod’s and Artifacts can also help with +Max Health.

Vampyr is highly recommended with the appropriate weapons to keep Iron Bear alive. If you can predict that you are about to be overwhelmed, get out before Iron Bear’s armor is depleted!

[More detailed information about increasing Iron Bear’s Armor here – Kodiak Build Guide](https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/guide-build-kodiak-the-comprehensive-iron-bear-guide/4106697)

The most **effective low effort** way to Increase CDR is by using a **Class Mod.** If you don’t have one with Action Skill CDR, an Artifact is the next best. I don’t necessarily recommend combining them unless you have no other options. You will start to see greatly diminishing results when combined with Topped Off, and chances are you will be able to find better bonus stats than having overkill on your CDR.

**Grizzled is the next on the list to go for.** It works really well but it does require getting kills. If you can’t put 4+ points in it, you should probably not bother at all. Grizzled will diminish below 1-second-decreases to your Cooldown Time, so putting a single point in the skill is entirely pointless especially if you already have CDR Increases on you gear. Though Grizzled is diminished by Topped Off, it can still be effective at reducing your Cooldown Time by several seconds because **it isn’t diminished as severely by other CDR Increases.** It is one of the best ways to reduce Cooldown Time while proccing Topped Off**

**The Gunner Specific Shield and Weapon anointment are pretty great.** They have a large boost at 30% though each kill only reduces the Cooldown for 10 seconds. However, for example if your Cooldown is 60 seconds, you can get 6 kills right away and the buff will last the whole Cooldown duration. This can have a nice synergy with Topped Off and Some for the Road. On top of this, **you can stack the Shield and Weapon anointment together for a very large reduction.** Pairing this with Grizzled works very well too. The Shield anointment is more practical though, because you will be missing out on possible damage boosts with different Weapon anointments.

## <h1 id=”heading–Avoid”>[color=paleturquoise]What Should You Avoid?[/color]</h1>

**Explosive Punctuation has very limited use compared to the other better forms of CDR Increases.** There are a few issues with Explosive Punctuation. While it isn’t the worst skill, if you take any combination of the recommended Skills and Gear, there’s simply no point in stacking this on as well.

* The diminishing result will be a wasted investment.
* It’s too high into the Demolition Woman tree, if you’re going that far up the tree there’s better skills to take.
* It requires fairly consistent splash damage to keep it proccing, while Grizzled you can get a few kills and take cover until Iron Bear is ready.
* It’s also capped at how much it can increase your CDR, while Grizzled can potentially reach a much higher rate with only a few kills.

But what if you don’t take Grizzled? Well, you should always take Grizzled over Explosive Punctuation except in very specific circumstances: If you have a Class Mod that has a lot of points in Explosive Punctuation it may be worth it, if you’re fighting a boss that doesn’t have other enemies around to kill you can consider it, or if your gear is not ideal and you’re struggling to kill enemies. Anything <3 points in Explosive Punctuation will be nearly placebo in effects if combined with other CDR Increases.

The generic shield anointment should be avoided in almost every circumstance. It usually isn’t worth it even if you don’t have the Gunner Specific one. It reduces your Cooldown by 20% for roughly 8 seconds, which will also be further diminished by other forms of Cooldown so it will realistically do basically nothing.

If you love the Weapon anointment that increases splash damage by 160% on Cooldown or the Shield Anointment that increases your Health and Shield by 75%, you should think twice! Those are fantastic anointments for some builds, however they both increase your shield by a large amount. If you don’t have a very quick Recharge Rate shield you will lose a lot of time recharging your shield instead of proccing Topped Off. This will result in a substantially longer Cooldown Time.

The Loop Shield sounds ideal to work with Topped Off if you take damage right? Well it only works if your shield is completely depleted, not while it is just damaged.

The All-in Shield is better than the Loop Shield above. However, the poor Recharge Rate is not off-set by the CDR boosters that drop when damaged. The boosters increase CDR significantly enough, but you might find you aren’t proccing Topped Off as much as you would with a quicker shield. It also adds a layer of RNG into your cooldown. Use this shield at your own discretion.

## [color=peachpuff]***Note:***[/color]
[color=peachpuff]*There was previously a bug with Stainless Steel Bear which didn’t give the extra fuel stated in the description. **This has now been fixed.***[/color]

### <h1 id=”heading–TierList”>[color=paleturquoise]What’s the Most Efficient Way to Stack CDR Increases?[/color]</h1>

As it’s been drilled into your head by now, your CDR Increases will diminish the more you stack them. So what’s the best gear and skills to use?

## [color=lightsteelblue]CDR Increase – Skill and Gear Tier List[/color]

[color=cyan]**S Tier**[/color] – **Priority should be put here.**

* [color=cyan]Topped Off[/color]

*Proccing Topped Off – This means keeping your shield up as much as possible. Focus on a shield with a quick recharge rate, short delay, and a manageable capacity. The Guardian Perk Shield Reboot is important here. The skill Security Bear can have a large impact on preventing damage immediately on exiting Iron Bear as well. **If you’re goal is a quick cooldown, keep Topped Off proccing by any means necessary.***

[color=orange]**A Tier**[/color] – **Excellent Options for further reducing Cooldown Time.**

* [color=orange]Grizzled[/color]
* [color=orange]Gunner Shield Anointment[/color]

*As explained commonly throughout this guide, Grizzled is excellent and should be used as a main way of reducing your Cooldown Time. As an added benefit, both being based on kills, Grizzled and the Gunner Shield Anointment have great synergy.*

*While the Gunner shield anointment has the exact same effect as the weapon anointment, because the shield anointment has basically no competition for most builds it’s a strong contender for one of Moze’s best Cooldown Time reductions.*

[color=mediumorchid]**B Tier**[/color] – **A decent option for the Cooldown Committed.**

* [color=mediumorchid]Class Mod[/color]

*Class Mods with a CDR increase roll on them offer a substantial boost in reducing your Cooldown Time, however bonus stats on Class Mods are competitive. If you are determined to reduce your Cooldown Time, this is a great roll on your Mod.*

[color=deepskyblue]**C Tier**[/color] – **Nothing more than an Alternative.**

* [color=deepskyblue]Artifact[/color]

*Artifacts can have a decent CDR Increase and can be used in place of a Class Mod boost if you don’t have one or prefer a different Mod. It is not recommended to choose an Artifact just because it has a CDR Increase on it over an Artifact with overall better stats.*

[color=limegreen]**D Tier**[/color] – **Extremely situational.**

* [color=limegreen]Gunner Weapon Anointment[/color]
* [color=limegreen]Explosive Punctuation[/color]
* [color=limegreen]All-In Shield[/color]

*The Gunner specific weapon anointment is the same anointment that’s on shields, however there’s too much competition for this to be worth using in almost every circumstance. The only time this should really be used is if it happens to be on a useful weapon and you have no alternative or you really need the CDR boost, generally not the case in end-game content.*

*Explosive Punctuation is almost always wasted skill points both because of its position in the skill tree, and because it’s effect is underwhelming and is required to be consistently procced. Keeping this skill up almost always requires you to be in enemy fire and missing out on Topped Off.*

*The All-In shield is here because it’s still a shield and it works as a shield. Being a cooldown guide, it is better for CDR than some shields in the game and it ranks higher than F Tier gear.*

[color=lemonchiffon]**F Tier**[/color]

* [color=lemonchiffon]Generic Shield Anointment[/color]
* [color=lemonchiffon]Loop 4N631[/color]

*These are just all around poor choices and shouldn’t even be considered. The only reason to use these are if you literally don’t have another option.*

If you plan to fully utilize Topped Off to get a very quick Cooldown Time, you should very carefully consider what you use because stacking each piece of gear or skills will result only in a second or two shaved off. In most circumstances I don’t recommend stacking more than a Class Mod, Grizzled, and Gunner Shield Anointment.

Once you reach around 25 seconds Cooldown Time after a Full Duration use of Iron Bear in perfect conditions, stacking any further will result in almost no Cooldown reduction. The only way I’ve been able to reach slightly below 20 seconds is by stacking Topped Off, 9/5 Grizzled with 6 kills in 15 seconds, Artifact, Shield Anointment, Weapon Anointment, and 5/5 EP in a controlled environment. **The only way to realistically get a <20s Cooldown after a full Iron Bear duration is with the Topped Off Exploit.**

[color=tomato]***Topped Off Exploit***[/color] *- If you Respec while you have a full shield, Topped Off will stack with each consecutive Respec. This will result in an extremely quick Cooldown Time, however take note this is an exploit and will be frowned upon when giving build advice.*

## <h1 id=”heading–Stacking”>[color=paleturquoise]Cooldown Time Reduction Examples and How Stacking Diminishes Increased Cooldown Rate Efficiency[/color]</h1>

**Our base Cooldown Time is 100 seconds.**

**If we fully stack every piece of gear** (Class Mod, Artifact, Shield Gunner Anointment, Weapon Gunner Anointment, 5/5 Explosive Punctuation and assume a Guardian Rank of 10% CDR we can reduce our time down to a minimum of **37.04 seconds without Grizzled or Topped Off.**

## **To demonstrate how powerful Topped Off is; Without Guardian Rank, skills or gear we reduce our Cooldown Time to 40 seconds.**

And to demonstrate the diminishing effect, stacking everything (except Grizzled) with Topped Off we only reduce our Cooldown Time further to **21.28 seconds.**

If we take a more reasonable approach and only use Guardian Rank, Topped Off, and Class Mod we have a Cooldown Time of **28.99 seconds.** For general use cases, this amount of stacking is generally enough.

### **Let’s take a look at Explosive Punctuation in this situation.**

**5/5 Explosive Punctuation** with proccing we reduce our Cooldown Time with Topped Off to **29.41 seconds.**

If we replace 5/5 Explosive Punctuation with **5/5 Grizzled and assume we get 3 kills** our Cooldown Time is reduced to **28.95 seconds.** This beats out Explosive Punctuation with only 3 kills. It’s very likely you will be able to get 4 or **5 kills** during your Cooldown. If we go with the better case scenario your Cooldown Time will be **26.71 seconds.**

## If we use the recommended maximum stacking:

Topped Off, Guardian Rank 10%, Class Mod, Gunner Shield Anointment, and 5/5 Grizzled with 5 Kills we get a **very solid Cooldown Time of 21.37 seconds.** You’ll notice if you make the sacrifice and stack the Weapon Anointment on here we get an **incredible 19.79 seconds.**

If we go all in and stack the Artifact and 5/5 Explosive Punctuation on top of this, *we only reduce our Cooldown Time to **17.05 seconds** assuming we can keep our shield up while proccing Explosive Punctuation.*


**These are with perfect execution of course**, but the results can be carried through for most typical encounters. Just remember every time your shield takes a hit, if it doesn’t recharge very quickly you will increase your Cooldown Time by several seconds each time your shield dips.

**One of the most important parts of keeping a decent Cooldown Rate is avoiding exiting Iron Bear while taking damage. If you reposition before exiting you will have much greater success utilizing Topped Off long enough to keep your Cooldown Time under 40 seconds for a Full Duration Iron Bear.**

## <h1 id=”heading–InstantExit”>[color=paleturquoise]Using the Formula to Apply CDR Increases for an Instant Exit Build[/color]</h1>

Using the formula @Prismatic explained above with the conversion for an Instant Exit Cooldown Time of 35 seconds we get the **Instant Exit** formula.

> Cooldown = ( [color=chocolate]35[/color] – [color=deepskyblue]Grizzled[/color] ) / ( 1 + [color=wheat]Cooldown Rate Boosts[/color] )

Using the **recommended maximum** CDR investment with Topped Off, Guardian Rank, Class Mod, Shield Annointment and 5/5 Grizzled with only 1 kill your Instant Exit Cooldown Time will be 8.04 seconds. If you wanted to you could loop this with a Lump or Ion Cannon and Some for the Road.

There is an interesting synergy with the Bear Trooper Class Mod because it can raise Grizzled. After some testing with a +4 Grizzled Mod, I was able to instantly have Iron Bear ready for deployment for constant Some for the Road proccing with a 2x Lump launcher.

For an Early Exit Build, you will want to decrease fuel usage, while increasing maximum fuel capacity. Apply some of the recommended gear and skills, and you will see a significant improvement in the amount of times you can use your Action Skill during battles. Though Bear Trooper is usually not recommended, in conjunction with non-augmented Rocket Pods and some Splash boost bonus stats, you may be able to get a decent combination of Iron Bear Cooldown Time and on-foot Moze DPS. This may require some advance gear and understanding of Moze.

## <h1 id=”heading–Testing”>[color=paleturquoise]How Testing Was Done and How You Can Do It Yourself[/color]

Through a lot of hours and careful frame by frame analysis I was able to find which frames to begin and stop timing Moze’s Action Skill Cooldown.

### **The Proper Way to Time Action Skill Cooldown**

For most intents and general purposes [color=palegreen]**begin timer** right after **Iron Bear’s Fuel Bar Empties** entirely[/color]. The Cooldown phase does not end the moment you receive your Action Skill, you will actually [color=salmon]**end timer** after pressing Action Skill, there’s a moment of black screen and when the **first frame of static** appears on screen[/color] your previous Action Skill timer is complete. To accurately test this you need to rapidly click Action Skill to ensure you hop into Iron Bear directly after the countdown from 5.

[details=”For more on information if you want to do proper indepth testing yourself”]

*With this method and analyzing frame by frame over multiple trials I was able to confirm to 0.1 second accuracy for Action Skill Start and End. However for most testing involving Grizzled the game appears to do rounding within it’s formula up to 0.5 seconds. Frame by Frame analysis also results in ~0.3 seconds room for error because of Frames Per Second and recording/playback source. This should not have any effect on practical results.*

**Begin Timing Here** – For the exact frame you’ll notice the left Hard Point lowering in large motions until it stops and rotates. The exact frame is right after the last large drop the gun makes.

**The easiest way to accurately test Grizzled** – Using the Catch-A-Ride in Sanctuary, you can test Kill Skills.
A couple tips:
* Load the first car in before you begin, framerates may drop if you don’t.
* Do not invest in any skills that aren’t crucial to the test, or that have to be specced into to get to your Kill Skill. Some skills randomly mess with Grizzled.
* **YOU MUST** restart to main menu before changing anything if you want to know for sure you don’t have anything affecting your current Cooldown. Sometimes even switching gear on and off can cause doubt.
* Cooldown testing without topped off is easiest with a Rough Rider shield.
* Reload before getting close enough for the Catch-A-Ride spawn prompt, or else you will get yourself stuck in the menu and forfeit that round of testing.
* One test is never enough. Do a minimum of 2 to confirm with a restart between them. I did hundreds of tests for this Guide and there’s still some weird results I can’t explain. You don’t want to make a build only to find out it doesn’t work the next time you play.



When the Action Skill Countdown begins in the bottom right, before it reaches zero start clicking quickly to get back into Iron Bear as quickly as possible.


When you hop back in and the screen goes dark, the first frame of static is where your **previous action skill cooldown ends**

I tested this enough I’m confident in this window. It is possible it Starts and Ends officially slightly before my stated times, but you need a consistent signal on the frame to compare results. I was not able to find anything even close to as accurate as this.



[color=goldenrod]Thank you @Prismatic for collaborating with me to express my test results into proper formulas, and especially for helping me tackle the diminishing effect of Grizzled.[/color]

[color=goldenrod]Thanks @kabflash for proof reading and @Aaron0000 for his Kodiak guide linked below.[/color]

### For further information about Moze and guides related to CDR:
* [Moze Community Resource Guide](https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/moze-community-resources-guide/3948047) for links to more Moze Guides
* [Kodiak Build Guide](https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/guide-build-kodiak-the-comprehensive-iron-bear-guide/4106697) for extensive information regarding Iron bear and all skills/gear related to Iron Bear
* [Moze & Iron Bear Skills Analysis and Ratings](https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/guide-moze-iron-bear-skills-analysis-rating/4015757) for in-depth ratings and information about Moze

#### For general questions about Moze not limited to CDR please visit my [Moze FAQ’s](https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/moze-faqs-a-list-of-random-information-about-moze/4362824)

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