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Fire in the Skag Den and Big Surplus

Skag Den (Demolition Woman) and Big Surplus (Bear Mother) currently receives Mayhem Scaling (x31) and are increased by Stainless Steel Bear, Scorching RPM’s, and Action Skill Damage. 

Big Surplus can be considered better than skag den because you are not locked into using splash weapons and this skill will apply to all of your damage types (It does not work for Autobear). This skill will also scale with crit as well, so crit bonuses you may have will increase the damage output of this skill.

Specialist Bear

The bonus from Specialist Bear applies as long as Iron Bear is using the same two base arms (Hexagons), meaning you can use various augments (Arrows) and retain the bonus. For example, an Iron Bear using two Rail Guns, one with Capacitive Armature and one with Corrosive Sabot, will still get the bonus. However, if the primary gun is mismatched, e.g.one Railgun and one Bear Fist, then the bonus is lost.


Iron Bear Damage and Short Fuse

Iron Bear Damage used to affect Short Fuse but this is no longer true.


Biofuel and Harmonious Havoc 

Biofuel is a very powerful health regeneration skill for both Iron Bear, Iron Cub and Moze. It is very worth it to grab 2 points into biofuel just for the extra health regen, also biofuel will proc when Moze is on fire and when Bear is on fire as well. So the more things that have a fire dot will give Moze and Bear health regen. Just note that Harmonious Havoc only works with elemental guns so non elemental guns will not get the damage bonus. 


Superior Firepower

Superior Firepower boosts cryo damage and not cryo efficiency, meaning you can get up to 100% bonus cryo damage, allowing cryo to be better than corrosive vs armour. Paired with the recent research Stone_swan did on Radsplosions. Superior firepower has become a key part of Moze’s kit for utilising radsplosions effectively.  


Torque Cross Promotion

TCP’s splash damage radius increase lasts for 0.2s each time it triggers. During this 0.2s TCP can retrigger over and over again making it quite easier to maintain than previously thought. TCP triggers on everything that deals splash (both Moze and IB/IC), no need to hit anything/anyone. 


Health Regen Types with Bloodletter 

Here is a list of health regen types that are impacted by Bloodletter, meaning some types of healing will go into the shield only, or both. 

  • Only Shield
    • Hot Spring
    • Kyb’s Worth healing circle
    • Otto Idol: only shield (still calculates based off of health)
    • Knife Drain
    • Chupa’s Organ
    • Rushin’ Offensive
    • Moxxi weapons
    • The Cure
    • Terror % health regen on ASE
    • Loaded Dice’s built-in otto-idol-effect
    • Frozen Heart and Frozen Snowshoe
    • Kings/Queens call
    • Vampyr regens
    • ASE lifesteal anoint regens


  • Health and Shield
    • Class mod and artifact health regen passives regen
    • Biofuel
    • Terror % health regen while terrified
    • Redistribution
    • Transfusion grenade
    • ASE health regen on shield
    • Ward shield

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