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Hello everybody,

To avoid spamming other threads and keep all the videos in one place, I’m going to put all of the videos of my test runs with FL4K’s pets here. I can’t math well, so a lot of this is meant to provide some numbers for the community to sort through. Some things are just to confirm some less known mechanics of the pets.

New values for level 57

Basic melee – 2,222
Sidekick Jabber shot – 1167
Beefcake Jabber shot – 2952 from melee range
Gunslinger Jabber shot – 323 per bullet, seems to do a burst of 40 over 2 seconds before it needs to reload.

Attack Command Damage (not accounting for elemental multipliers)
Guard Skag – 2888 for 4 ticks
Horned Skag – 8887
Eridian Skag – 6221

Centurion – Roll attack 3333, Stomp 5332
Scorcher – Roll attack 3910, Stomp 5332
Countess – 17330 (I know it’s weird, but it does 8665 on flesh, so x2 is this)

Sidekick Jabber – 8887
Beefcake Jabber – 8887
Gunslinger Jabber – 17330 per rocket
For starters, here are two video testing how attack commands interact with bonus elemental damage boosts during Gamma Burst. From what I was able to tell, Gamma Burst doesn’t increase the damage of the Jabber’s attack command at all. It may not have worked on the skag either, but I’m not as familiar with its damage. If someone could double check that’d be ace.


Secondly, I wanted to see whether certain Mayhem modifiers affected the pets. They’re performance can change drastically depending on what modifiers you get. I think I can say for certain that they are definitely affected by +normal bullet damage.
Neutral Modifiers

+Normal Bullet damage


Just a run to showcase Gunslinger’s damage.

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