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Zer0 Pimpernel and Bore

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Getting Started

The pimpernel and B0re have a very interesting interaction, but nothing different then what we already know about the pimpernel’s bomblets & B0re.

If a bomblet is to B0re through an enemy and hit another there are two scenarios that can occur:

  • The bomblet connects with the enemy in a non-crit zone
  • The bomblet connects with the enemy in a crit zone

If situation one occurs then the bomblet is set to do only 1/5 the damage of the initial shot’s damage but will receive the +100% damage bonus from B0re.

If situation two occurs then the bomblet does full crit damage as the initial shot will AND will receive the 100% damage bonus granted from B0re.

The Pimpernel’s bomblets have been broken down before which resulted in us being informed that the bomblets will normally only deal 20%(1/5th) of the initial shot’s damage UNLESS they hit an enemy critically. If the bomblet hits for a crit then it does FULL CRIT DAMAGE which is an immense difference in damage.

B0re follows these rules as it is just applying the 100% damage boost to whichever bomblet proc’s B0re.

The List So Far

  • Goliaths: In the knee/shin.
  • Bruisers/Marauders/Nomads/Hyperion Infantry: Waist/Inner thigh.
  • Nomads w/ Door & Hole in it: Waist.
  • Nomads w/ Door & No Hole in it: Foot.
  • Threshers/Terra’s Tentacles: Section of the body just sticking out of the ground.
    Skags: Right where the two face flaps meet / the ground under the middle of the face.
  • Spiderants: On the ground between the back legs.
  • Loaders: Groin/Waist/Foot (depends on the type of Loader).
  • Surveyors: Wings.
  • Constructors: Folding point of the front leg.
  • Buzzards: Headshot on the pilot.
  • Vehicles: The middle of the ground below the vehicle.
  • Saturn: Shoulder turret – when his body is directly facing you and turret on his legs when his side is to you.


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