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Salvador Melee Build

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Sal’s jealous. Brick is everything he isn’t. Brick is a huge, muscular monster who breaks skulls with his bare fists. Sal is a short, slightly less muscular guy who can only crack skulls with shotguns, or pistols, which is cool. But anyone can do that! He wants to be more like Brick. A scar-ridden giant who can stop a train with 2 fingers, or one thumb! So he got to work.

While he was working out, he realized that he was short, and to use that size to his advantage, he started running track. This build is a melee-oriented build that utilizes several speed-enhancing skills to make you a quick, ninja-like, melee master.
Lets get started!

Here is the build


Essential skills have (!) beside them.

Gun Lust

Locked And Loaded 10/5 (With Class Mod):
Reloading your gun gives you +50% Fire Rate for a short time.

Quick Draw 10/5 (With Class Mod):
+70% Weapon Swap Speed and +20% Critical Hit Damage.

Divergent Likeness 4/5:
+24% Damage when Gunzerking with two of the same type of guns. +24% Accuracy when Gunzerking with two different types of guns.

Auto-Loader 1:
Killing an enemy Instantly Reloads all of the guns that you have equipped that are not currently in your hands. Swapping guns after Auto-Loader has reloaded a gun triggers Locked & Loaded.

Lay Waste 4/5:
Kill Skill. Killing an enemy gives +32% Fire Rate and +20% Critical Hit Damage with Guns for a short time.

(!) Down Not Out 1/1:
You can Gunzerk while in Fight for Your Life. This is always useful, no matter what build.

(!) Keep It Piping Hot 5/5:
While Gunzerking is in the process of cooling down you gain +25% Gun Damage, +30% Melee Damage, and +25% Grenade Damage.
Combined with Get Some, this will give an almost constant 30% melee damage bonus.


Filled to the Brim 10/5 (With Class Mod):
+50% Magazine Capacity and +30% Ammunition Capacity for all weapon types.

(!) All in the Reflexes 5/5:
+25% Reload Speed and +20% Melee Damage.
20% melee damage makes this skill worth getting

(!) Last Longer 5/5:
+15 seconds Gunzerking duration.
This helps you continue to get maximum melee damage
By dual wielding bladed guns for a as long as possible

(!) Yippie Ki Yay 5/5:
Increases the duration of Gunzerking by +3 seconds every time an enemy is killed while Gunzerking.
This helps you continue to get maximum melee damage by dual wielding bladed guns for as long as possible

(!) Double Your Fun 1/1:
Throwing a grenade while Gunzerking throws two grenades instead of one. The second grenade doesn’t cost ammo.
Double Grenades is a great way to get out of a sticky situation.

(!) Get Some 1/5:
Shooting an enemy decreases Gunzerking cooldown by -0.6 seconds. Has a cooldown of 3 seconds.
Combined with Keep It Piping Hot, this will give an almost constant 30% melee damage bonus.

Brawn (Yes we are going into brawn)

(!) Hard to Kill 10/5 (With Class Mod):
+40% Maximum Health and regenerate +1.0% of your Maximum Health per second.
That Extra Health regenration is worth keeping this, unless you health gate, in which you can ditch this.

(!) Incite 10/5 (With Class Mod):
Taking damage gives +60% Movement Speed and +50% Reload Speed for a few seconds.
Fitting with our build, this extra movement speed is a must!

(!) Ain’t Got Time To Bleed 4/5:
While Gunzerking you regenerate up to +3.2% of your Maximum Health per second depending on how low your health is.
This Is useful : extra health regen is always nice, unless you health gate, in which you can ditch this.

(!) Fistful of Hurt 1/1:
Melee Override. Throw a heavy punch dealing massive damage and knockback. Has a cooldown of 15 seconds.
THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST! You get a ridiculous 4x Melee multiplier every 15 seconds (8-10 seconds with relic)

(!) Bus That Can’t Slow Down 5/5:
+50% Movement Speed while Gunzerking.
Since we are going for speed, this is a must.

Essentials have (!) Beside them. All equipment stats shown are Overpower Level 8

(!) Legendary Berserker Class Mod
-plus ~40% Melee damage (mine is 43%), and you move 20% faster while Gunzerking, This COM matches our build perfectly!

(!) Might of the Seraphs
– Another item that fits our build perfectly, this gives us +43% melee damage, and +43% melee override cooldown.

(!) Love Thumper
– With roid damage ranging from 500,000 damage to 1,500,000; I urge you to get one with at least 1,000,000 (Mine has 1,086,065).

(!) 2 Rapiers 1 Slag
– dual wielding these will give us an absurd +400% melee bonus.

(!) Evisceration Rubi/ Grog Nozzle
– Quick healing! This way you can set up your gunzerker to hold a rapier in the offhand and switch between a second rapier and a healing weapon in your main hand.

Law & Order combo
– With this revolver / shield combo, every connecting melee attack also heals you. Not a must, but a good change of pace.

Slag Transfusion / Slag O-negative / Magic Missile
– For slagging, and some quick heals.

Fastball Grenade mod
– Quick healing while holding a Moxxi Weapon
– With non-existent splash damage, you can throw this at an enemy for quick damage, and it will never hurt you, regardless of how close you are.

Rocket Launcher
-If you want to use one, it will help get you up when your down.

I recommend setting your character’s weapons Like this :

Slot 1:Rapier
Slot 2:Rapier
Slot 3:Rubi/Grog
Slot 4:Nothing

Loading out like this will enable you to switch your main hand weapon, without effecting your offhand weapon. I’m sure most of you were already aware of this, but if you weren’t, its an incredibly useful thing to know.
Now for the Math.

I will showcase some different types of hits with this build

B.A.R. is turned off for these tests.
A Critical Hit with melee is +100%, or double damage.
I will highlight critical hits in orange, and slag in purple.
The Love Thumper’s Nova will hit for anywhere from 200k to 750k. I didn’t include these in the numbers because it is relatively negligible.
K=1,000 (Some people don’t know)

Base Melee Damage Against An OP8 enemy: 158k / 318k (slag)

With all skills, Might of the Seraphs, Legendary Berserker COM: 327k
With all skills, Might of the Seraphs, Legendary Berserker COM, and a depleted Love Thumper: 1529k
With all skills, Might of the Seraphs, Legendary Berserker COM, a depleted Love Thumper, and 1 Rapier: 4030k / 10344k
With all skills, Might of the Seraphs, Legendary Berserker COM, a depleted Love Thumper, and 2 Rapiers: 5561k / 19597k
With all skills, Might of the Seraphs, Legendary Berserker COM, a depleted Love Thumper, 2 Rapiers, Fistful of Hurt, and a critical: 133469k

Base Melee damage:158,000
Max one shot Potential:133,469,000 (I know right?)
That calculates to an astounding 84474.05% increase!

You will be able to 1-2 shot most slagged trash mobs/basic enemies without fistful of hurt, although it really helps for bigger targets.
A Chain Lightning will strip your shields
Be aware of the condition of your shield, because as strange as it may sound, you don’t want to attack an enemy with your shield up.

This is my first build on these forums, I hope you enjoy it! Like always, if I calculated something wrong or messed up in any sort of way, please alert me and I will have it fixed promptly.

This Is Version 1.0. I will be updating this build regularly as I improve it. If you have any questions, Comments, and suggestions, please feel free to reply.

By the way, Salvador went on to become a 5 time Pandorian Olympics Seraph Crystal medallist. Brick Smashed Salvadors medal with his pinky toe.
The End

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