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Salvador Get Some skill

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Authors note: Get Some is one of our favorites, and in our opinion, one of the best Gunzerker skills available. I’ve done some testing regarding this skill and its interactions with other skills. Some of these things are common knowledge among regulars, but we thought it would be nice for new folks to have an actual thread dedicated to it rather than having to “find” the information in other threads. Without further ado, it’s TIME TO COMPENSATE!!! … for our action skill’s long cooldown.

Get Some

Shooting an enemy decreases Gunzerking cooldown by X seconds. Has a cooldown of 3 seconds.

~ X is -0.6 per level invested into the skill, up to -3 seconds when shooting an enemy, every 3 seconds.

Technically, Get Some reduces the cooldown time of Gunzerking by over 3 seconds, not instantly, so with 5/5 Get Some, you will reduce 1 second of your cooldown per second over 3 seconds, for a total of -3 as stated by the description. In a sense, this is like having a +100% Cooldown Rate for these 3 seconds. But, Get Some works while Gunzerking, allowing you to reduce your cooldown while Gunzerking. While Get Some is working, a little icon will appear to let you know, just like other buffs.

Get Some will not work with the following:

  • Rocket Launchers
  • Assault Rifles with Torgue barrels (Rokets!, Grenadier, Cannon, Torpeedo, Rocketeer)
  • E-Tech Spiker pistols
  • E-Tech Splatguns (Slow Hand DOES work)

I’m Ready Already

+X% Gunzerking Cooldown Rate.

~ X is 5% per level invested, up to +25%. Cooldown Rate bonuses are calculated thus:
Effective Cooldown = Base / (1 + sum_of_bonus%)

With 5/5 I’m Ready Already and 40% from a COM:

  • Effective Cooldown = 42 / (1 + .25 + .4)
  • Effective Cooldown = 42 / 1.65
  • Effective Cooldown = 25.45


While Gunzerking, Get Some subtracts from the base cooldown of 42 seconds for Gunzerking, Cooldown Rate bonuses do not apply.

Meaning, if you’re using Get Some, your Cooldown Rate bonuses will only apply to whatever cooldown is left over after your duration expires. Say you activate Get Some 6 times while Gunzerking, this will have subtracted 18 seconds from your Gunzerking cooldown, meaning when you stop Gunzerking, your Cooldown Rate bonuses apply to the remaining 24 seconds of cooldown.

Last Longer

+X seconds to Gunzerking duration.

~ X is +3 per level invested, up to +15 without Class Mod bonuses.
Yippee Ki Yay

Increases the duration of Gunzerking by +X seconds every time an enemy is killed while Gunzerking.

~ X is +0.6 per level invested, up to +3 without Class Mod bonuses.

Yippee Ki Yay can only add to your duration up to your maximum duration until after it counts down some more. Since the base is 20 seconds, that means that Yippee Ki Yay won’t increase your duration counter past 20 seconds. However, if you’ve taken Last Longer, it increases the maximum duration, which means Yippee Ki Yay is more effective as well, allowing you to restore your duration up to 35 seconds, or more if you’re wearing a class mod that boosts Last Longer.

While Gunzerking, Get Some must trigger 14 times (14 activations * 3 seconds reduced = 42 seconds reduction) to reset the cooldown of Gunzerking completely.

The base duration of Gunzerking is 20 seconds. The maximum number of times you can trigger Get Some while Gunzerking without any duration increases is 7.

It’s possible to completely reset your cooldown while Gunzerking, but the duration has to be 42 seconds or longer since Get Some can only trigger once every 3 seconds (42 seconds reduction needed / 3-second cooldown = 14 activations needed). This means that you have to use Last Longer at least level 8/5 and/or Yippee Ki Yay to extend your Gunzerking duration. If you do this, you don’t need percentage Cooldown Rate bonuses like I’m Ready Already. Such percentage Cooldown Rate bonuses will not apply while you’re Gunzerking, as we mentioned earlier. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that, if you’re using Get Some and Yippee Ki Yay, you don’t invest in I’m Ready Already, and use those points elsewhere.

In most cases, Get Some and Yippee Ki Yay will ensure you reduce your cooldown by so much that the amount of time you gain from I’m Ready Already is minuscule to the point of being negligible. Get Some continues to work even if you stop Gunzerking before you’ve reset your cooldown, and it’s effectively like having a +100% Cooldown Rate Increase. An extra 25% gives you such diminishing returns, you’re better off allocating those points somewhere that gets you DPS. Furthermore, if you reset your cooldown before you finish Gunzerking (extremely easy with Get Some and Yippee Ki Yay), you didn’t even use I’m Ready Already, making the points a complete waste.

The only time we recommend I’m Ready Already is if one of the following is true:

  • You’re primarily using weapons that don’t activate Get Some
  • You’re farming Raid Bosses and not using Yippee Ki Yay
  • Otherwise, avoid using it.

Keep it Piping Hot

While Gunzerking is in the process of cooling down, you gain +25% Gun Damage, +30% Melee Damage, and +25% Grenade Damage.

While Get Some is “active” (while the icon is showing above your XP bar), Keep it Piping Hot will activate.

This can be exploited for some serious damage against Raid Bosses, as it means that when you shoot an enemy, for the next 3 seconds your guns will benefit from Keep it Piping Hot, as well as any grenades thrown or melee attacks used while the Get Some and Keep it Piping Hot icons are active above your XP bar. This is especially good with Explosive guns that benefit from Grenade Damage buffs, such as Unkempt Harold.

However, once the Cooldown of Gunzerking is completely reset, Keep it Piping Hot will no longer trigger.

We hope this has been informative and will help you make the most effective skill choices given your playstyle. Comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome, and remember…


Something worth mentioning is that shooting any damageable object will trigger Get Some. This can be yellow ammo crates, fire melons, your own vehicle(?), Jack cut-outs on the Peak (and the “rubble pile” where the cutout stood), barrels, etc.

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