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Maya Nurse build

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OK! So you want to nurse right? Cause nursing is fun, and you don’t really like moxxi weapons, or your team needs to be healed and stuff and you can’t heal them with a moxxi weapon. Well this is the guide for you.


Right then. So this nurse build is something I had planned out before the games release. I also made this build to work seamlessly in Singleplayer and Multiplayer as well. With this build no respec it required when jumping between modes. It’s a 100% support build and you can kill things with it, but in MP you’re all about supporting your teammates. That’s what being a nurse is all about, support.


Right then. The build. 

So clearly this is the build at level 72. I’ll add links at the bottom of this section for level 32, 50, and 61. This is the build that will make your teammates happy, but also takes full advantage of everything nurse related. All nurse coms will work flawlessly with this build, including legendary nurse.

The point of this build is to have as much healing as possible, basically maxing your healing, minimizing your damage, but you can still kill things, i promise. You’ll also want to max your health as high as it can go. OP8 is something like 3.2-3.3 million health for me. It varies person to person. Also elated healing is based off of your max health, so up to 10% of your health is being healed per second. So we’ll go ahead and say you AND your teammates will heal 320k health per second. If your team has 640k health, you’ll heal your entire team in 2 seconds out of 7.5-10 seconds (10 seconds based on Leg. Nurse class mod) which is insane and wonderful and no moxxi weapons needed! Right so, let’s move on to some of the gear we’ll be using.

Level 32  

Level 50 

Level 61  

Alright so gear. Gear is 100% important which this build as it basically makes or breaks your nursing ability. I’ll go over gear in their respective sections.


The Evolution shield is what you should be using, but can only find in the Pirate DLC. This shield has the best all-around stats you can have and that’s my personal one in the picture. As you can see it has what i believe to be the perfect balance between shield cap, and max health.


If you can’t get the Evolution for whatever reason (Don’t have time, or don’t have the DLC) then the Neo is the shield you should be after. You get it from Spyco and it’s the second best shield you can get due to it’s passive health regen (Evo has it as well but the evo has more passive health regen).

Adaptive Shield 

If you’re having a difficult time getting the other 2 shields, or simply come across this shield, or are at lower levels, then this is the shield you want. Any version is good but something like this is what you want to get. This shield does not have any passive health regen on it unfortunately but you have sustenance anyway. The passive regen from the neo and evo are what make them more desirable.

Health Relic

The health relic is important if you want to reach those epic health capacities. It will further increase your team healing abilities as well as your own survival rate by a lot. If you don’t want to use this in the lower levels use a proficiency relic to increase cooldown rate.

So the weapons are completely up to you until around the OP levels when you’ll want effective weapons. The weapons above are what I use 99% of the time. They are

Trick Shot Maggie
Consummate Hellfire
Longbow Stormfront
Flush/Boss Bekah

4th slot is interchangeable with the Florentine

Alright we’ve covered everything but class mods. So here they are.

Legendary Nurse

This is the ideal class mod you want but you won’t get this until I believe level 61+ but I could be wrong

Angelic Nurse

This is what you’ll want to use if you can’t get a Legendary Nurse class mod or don’t have the DLC that puts them in, OR you’re lower leveled. This is what i used until they implemented the Leg. Nurse.

Final Thoughts:
Well with this gear and build you’ll be able to nurse like a champion. You’ll have to learn the playstyle and it is difficult to stay back and heal I know, but you’ll get it. I expect to see a lot more nurses out there caring for their teammates because they’ll love you forever and always. I hope everyone enjoyed this overhaul and the videos will come soon! Have a great day and happy nursing!


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