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Axton Tediore Reload guide

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Disclaimer: This thread is a guide to all things Tediore and Axton. Feel free to contribute, test, experiment, and critique anything that will make this guide as helpful as possible. This is also a ported thread from the old forums. The content lost in this thread includes some of the links, images, and formatting.

Reloads and Their Properties

The gimmick with Tediore is their reload animation. You literally hurl the entire gun at the enemy for a massive damage hit. This is also known as “chucking.”

There are inherent properties with all Tediore reloads that can be boosted by some of Axton’s skills. In addition to the correct weapons and class mods (see the gear section), Axton can be built to solo raid bosses and mobs with a build centered around getting the highest damage output from a string of Tediore reloads.

According to this thread, the formula for Tediore reloads is understood as (following the patch):

(Weapon damage * (1 + Grenade bonuses)) * Shots in clip = Reload damage

According to the experimental results from Triad Thunder in the previous thread, there are 4 primary factors that affect the damage of a given Tediore reload. They are:

    • Magazine Size
    • Reload Speed
    • Grenade Damage
    • Base Elemental Damage (if gun is elemental)

Magazine Size vs. Grenade Damage

Simply put, the magazine size of the gun is the most important variable in determining the damage of a single Tediore reload. The experiment above goes on to compare the damage of the number of shots in a single magazine with the added grenade damage:

Originally Posted by Triad Thunder:

I did some testing on this with my OP8 Fire Hefty Baby Maker (227439 Damage, all Tediore parts), Fire Jam Packed Gunerang (437718 Damage, all Tediore parts) and Fire Gentle Deliverance (208384 x8 Damage, all Tediore parts).

My Blue Expert Grenadier Com is the maximum stat OP8 version with +6 Steady/+5 Grenadier/+47% Grenade Damage/+32% Explosive Damage Resist.

My Purple Expert Veteran Com isn’t the maximum stat OP8 version (max one is +38% Reload Speed/+47% Magazine Size), but it has +5 Steady/+4 Last Ditch Effort/+4 Pressure/+38% Reload Speed/+46% Magazine Size.

My BAR was turned off, and I used the same spec as the one in my signature below. I tested everything against L80 Stumpy enemies from The Forest (Tiny Tina DLC). Right before testing the damage, I would throw my turret (to get the Battlefront bonus) somewhere where it couldn’t hit any enemies. I used my max stat Fire Bone of the Ancients Relic as well (+47% Cooldown Rate/+39% Fire Damage). These were the numbers that I got:

Expert Veteran COM

  • Baby Maker: 57168K (only 1 single damage impact) and 71460K+57168K (two simultaneous impacts)
  • Gunerang: 224728K
  • Deliverance: 25047K (I only counted the impact damage because the shotgun’s auto aim shots from the reload throw don’t do as much damage. The actual damage will be a little higher when you take this into account)

Expert Grenadier Com

  • Baby Maker: 45575K (only 1 single damage impact) and 61969K+49575K (two simultaneous impacts)
  • Gunerang: 196785K
  • Deliverance: 22112K (same reasoning as above)

You can probably see from the results that magazine size plays an important role in Tediore chucking. This is why I think that the Veteran Com is the best option for that.

One advantage the Grenadier Com has over the Veteran Com is that since it does not increase magazine size, you won’t run out of ammo as quickly using it.

One important thing to note about the way NE Tediore guns behave when paired with an explosive relic:

Originally Posted by Triad Thunder:

Looks like N.E. Tediore weapon reloads can get buffed by Explosive Damage Relics. I posted this in the Chuck thread, too:

The SMG in question had a Tediore Grip, 121301 Damage, and a magazine size of 24 rounds. I used the same method as before when testing it, so here’s what I got:

Expert Veteran Com

  • White N.E. Tediore SMG (No Relic )=10578K (single impact)
  • White N.E. Tediore SMG (with 39% Explosive Damage Relic)=14704K (single impact)

Expert Grenadier Com

  • White N.E. Tediore SMG (No Relic)=9114K (single impact)
  • White N.E. Tediore SMG (with 39% Explosive Damage Relic)=12669K (single impact)

I guess non-elemental weapon users can get their Tediore on, too.


What makes Tediore so special on Axton are his skills that boost the damage of a given Tediore Reload:

Originally Posted by VinylicPuma3:

Skill-wise, reload damage is enhanced by grenade damage boosts. Skills that do this are:

  • Steady
  • Battlefront
  • Do or Die

You’ll also want to reload speed to deploy as many WMDs (lol) as possible:

  • Ready
  • Pressure

In addition to this, it’s important to note that Ranger plays a role in increasing Tediore reload damage by increasing magazine size (up to 11%) and reload speed (up to 11%).


There is a wealth of gear (both Tediore and non-Tediore) that every chucking commando will want at their disposal. These include the following (ideal parts and prefixes not shown):

  • Gunerang
  • Spiker
  • Blockhead
  • Omen
  • Octo
  • Orphan Maker (to lower health and increasing reload speed with Pressure)
  • Avenger
  • Babymaker
  • Tediore Plasma Caster
  • The Bunny
  • Tediore Allegiance Relic (+mag size, other)

Pack your mag full of bullets with an allegiance relic if you want your reloads to really pack a punch! One disadvantage: heavy ammo consumption.

Bone of the Ancients

The BotA relics are a great way to give your elemental Tediores an extra damage boost without the cost of more ammo, plus a cooldown for your turret.

Explosive Elemental Relic (for NE Tediore reloads)

Non-elemental Tediore reloads can also get an ammo-cost-free boost from the explosive relic, since the damage of NE Tediore throws is counted in the reload equation as explosive.

Expert Veteran

Perhaps considered the best-all-round class mod for Tediore, this relic gives vital boosts to the three things that optimize Tediore chucking: 1) Grenade damage bonus with +6 to Steady, 2) +% mag size bonus, and 3) +% reload speed bonuses including +5 to Pressure.

Expert Grenadier

If ammo consumption is your main concern and you want to still see a big gain from your Tediore cucks, then pick this class mod. It gives grenade damage bonuses in two places: +% to Grenade damage and +6 to Steady that gives the best damage-per-bullet ratio for any given Tediore reload.

True Neutral Ranger

If you absolutely need to kill something NOW, then this class mod should be your go-to. With up to +6 in Ranger that includes a bonus of 11% to both magazine size and reload speed, not to mention up to +86% to magazine size bonus on top of this, you can throw for hundreds of millions of damage using a Gunerang and the aforementioned gear.

Some useful experimental info about Tediore gear worth “chucking”:

Originally Posted by ScubaRecon:

Tediore “Weaponry and Gear” worth using…

    • Jam Packed Dart (Bandit Grip/Mag. Accessory) Slight Homing on Bullets
    • Bonus Launcher (Slag/Bandit Grip/Bandit Exhaust/Maliwan Sight)
      • Slag, because no matter the element the explosion is always “Explosive”
      • You want to make the reload as slow as possible, Thus explains parts
      • Empty Mag. and a split second later melee to cancel it “Digi-structing”, thus resulting in free reload throws.
    • Refill Plasma Caster (Bandit Grip/Dahl Stock)
      • Unique
    • Gentle Blockhead (Tediore Grip/Hyperion Stock/Tediore Scope)
      • Seraph
    • New and Improved Omen (Tediore Grip/Hyperion Stock)
      • Distance for “Grouping of Pellets” : 3 walking hops away
      • Legendary
    • Refill Baby Maker (Bandit Grip/Dahl Stock)
    • Fastball
    • Jam Packed Gunerang (Bandit Grip)
      • Pearlescent
    • Refill Avenger (Bandit Grip/ Dahl Stock)
      • Distance for Explosion: 5 walking hops away
Non-Tediore “Weaponry and Gear” that specifically complement “Tediore-Axton”
    • Hoplite Shield (HP reduction then swap to other shield for Max Pressure Bonus)
    • Bee Shield (For Avenger Explosion)
    • Bone of the Ancients (All Elements)
    • Stockpile Relic (SMG/Pistol/Shotgun) for mobbing
    • Tediore Allegiance Relic (Damage/Mag. Size)
    • True Neutral Ranger Classmod (+86% Mag. Size +6 to Ranger)
    • Expert Veteran Classmod (+38% Reload, +47% Mag., +6 Steady, +5 Pressure)
    • Expert Grenadier Classmod (+47% Grenade Damage, +6 Steady)

Pre-Test Notes:

  • SMG reload throws are the only reload throws that are always Constant
  • Pistol and shotgun reload throws are variable from 1k-1M at times

Test Performed

The first round of tests was pistols. I tested the following fire Pistols on the OP8 test dummy. I will round the numbers up due to how pistol damage is variable.

  • CubicZerconian Jam Packed Quickshot (Code Name “Gem”)
  • Jam Packed Dart (Code Name “Dart”)
  • Jam Packed Gunnerang (Code Name “Gunnerang”)
First Test: No Skills / No Bar / No Com.
  • Gem: 6m // with Bone 8.3m // with Tediore Relic 11.5m
  • Dart: 9.5m // with Bone 13.2m // with Tediore Relic 19m
  • Gunnerang: 27m // with Bone 37.5m // with Tediore Relic 50.2m
Second Test: Maxed out Steady/ Battlefront (active)/Do or Die/Ranger / No Com.
  • Gem: 10m// with Bone 14.4m // with Tediore Relic 18.9m
  • Dart: 15.8m // With Bone 18.1m // with Tediore Relic 30.1m
  • Gunnerang: 37.8m // with Bone 64.3m // with Tediore Relic 84.6m
Third Test: Maxed out skills listed above + Expert Veteran
  • Gem: 17.6m // with Bone 25.9m // with Tediore Relic 29.3m
  • Dart: 28.1m // with Bone 41.3m// with Tediore Relic 47.4m
  • Gunnerang: 80.4m // with Bone 111.8m // with Tediore Relic 112.8m
Fourth Test: Maxed out skills listed above + Expert Grenadier
  • Gem: 13.9m // with Bone 20.4m // with Tediore Relic 27.6m
  • Dart: 22.1m // with Bone 33.8m // with Tediore Relic 44.2m
  • Gunnerang: 67.8m // with Bone 94.3m // with Tediore Relic 124.1m
Fifth Test: Maxed out skills listed above + True Neutral
  • Gem: 21m // with Bone 29.4m // with Tediore Relic 30m
  • Dart: 34.2m // with Bone 42.6m // with Tediore Relic 47.6m
  • Gunnerang: 88.1m // with Bone 122.5m // with Tediore Relic 126.5m

Post-Testing Notes

  • I actually did several tests besides these such as testing each COM with no Skills or BAR, as well as testing Neutral Good Class Mod.
  • The Quickshot is the best purple rarity Tediore weapon IMO, but after testing it I’ve come to the conclusion that no purple rarity Tediore weapon and below are worth it, Not even Gemstone variants
  • As Triad and Johnrrr have noted… The best burst DPS class mod is TrueNeutral, followed by Veteran, then Grenadier

Bonus Tests

Blockhead vs. Octo vs. Omen

    • Blockhead: Easy to use, second best gun damage, third best reload throw damage
    • Octo: Absolutely horrible gun damage, second-best reload throw (barely)
    • Omen: Difficult to use, Best Damage/Best Reload Throw

Keep Blockhead as a fire shotty, and use Omen as a corrosive shotty (the reason being your only armored enemies are Loaders and the pellet spread can score simultaneous crits)

Damage accessory vs. Reload Accessory on Tediore SMGs

    • Damage is only about 100k stronger on reload throws
    • Reload has faster DPS

Reload Accessory wins

Fastball + Tediore Allegiance Relic

NO buff on damage =(

Plasma Casters vs. Baby Maker

    • Plasma Casters have more on hit reload damage
    • Baby Maker has less on-hit reload damage if only one hits

Use Both, Baby makers are good on mobs and chunky enemies but not good on Mobile enemies, Plasma casters are more dependable.

Max on hit Gunnerang Damage

Skills Maxed: Steady/Battlefront (active)/Do or Die/Ranger

    1. Use Battlefront
    2. Slag enemy
    3. Equip True Neutral Com. + Tediore Allegiance
    4. Shoot once, then reload throw
    5. While Gunnerang in Mid-Flight switch to Expert Grenadier + Bone of the Ancients
    6. Profit!!! (with No Bar on I hit 773645k Damage!)


Thanks for all the people who helped contribute to the original thread and those who have helped keep the old ones alive. Including but not limited to: @Triad_Thunder, @VinylicPuma3, ScubaRecon, and tom12121112. Also, a shout to @Piemanlee for contributing to all the other updated guides and keeping the OP’s up-to date.

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